About Us

At Russell Technologies, proactive support is the name of the game as we strive for perfection. And with over 10 years’ experience optimizing small- and medium-sized companies’ networks and systems, we’re prepared to answer each and every one of your technical questions promptly and professionally.

That’s the beauty of partnering with a local firm like Russell Technologies: you receive enterprise-level IT assistance that’s laser-focused on enhancing your productivity, but at price points that won’t break the bank.

Whether it’s a robust Managed Services plan that monitors and maintains your business’s entire technology infrastructure, an always on-guard internet security program, or a cutting-edge money-saving telephony system, Russell Technologies is your best bet for comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions.

Maximum IT performance is your modest ambition, and for Russell Technologies it’s simply our mission.

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Russell Tech VoIP is our corporation which operates, is regulated as, and is taxed as a Voice over IP, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and phone system management company.  This separation is due to the taxes and regulations involved with invoicing services in this particular industry segment, while we still wanted to fully control our client’s experience.

Computer St. Louis was our original DBA operating on the St. Louis metropolitan area for the first 15 years of our existence before growing and starting to branch outside of St. Louis.