Our Management Team


Seth bought the company in 2006 and transformed our once retail store into the service organization it is today! As President, he leads our company into the future with his vision and strong technical background. Don't be surprised if you get emails all hours of the night; the only time he isn't working is during the little bit he sleeps!


As VP of the company Nicole has been the driving force behind creating a culture centered on teamwork.  By balancing team-building with hard work she has helped cultivate a workplace that is both efficient and fun!


Rico joined our team back in 2010.  He has held many roles within the organization and has grown with us.  Today he is our Operations Manager, he stays busy around the clock, juggling project management, service delivery, and client experience management.


Brian's parents bought him an IBM PCjr in 1982, which started his long relationship with computers. He has worn many hats in his professional career, but being our Sales Manager is BY FAR his favorite one.



Allen became involved with computers as a child, tinkering with spare parts his father brought home. He never lost this interest, choosing to build a career in the IT world.  He is our Project Manager - so we keep him busy!  He is an avid St. Louis Blues fan and is always up to watch a game.

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