Customer Reviews

Quickly done and workable first time through! Good job!


Good communication updates and provided what we were looking for – thanks!


Luke is awesome!


Response was very timely!


Mitch is so friendly & client-centered. He completed each task quickly. Thanks!


We have been associated with Russell Technologies for many years and use their services for all our computer needs. Our business operates round the clock and the Russell Technologies technicians have responded whenever needed. We are quite satisfied with their knowledge and attention to detail and will continue to recommend them to others.

Dave Breen

Russell Technologies is our preferred partner. Providing timely professional service and support. Slay Transportation has been partners with Russell Technologies for almost 10 years, they understand our needs and go above and beyond to provide service. They have helped us streamline our VOIP and Data service and consolidate our data center needs.

David S. Smith

We transitioned to Russell Technologies in October 2015 after our IT staff resigned with minimal notice and maximum responsibility. Russell Technologies inherited a mess which had critical issues in need of immediate resolution as well as long term planning. They divided their resources accordingly to ensure both of these happened. Russell Technologies created stability in our network which created confidence for our staff and immediate increases in production. Russell Technologies has worked with us over the last 8 months to decrease our server footprint and increase our network efficiency. Their staff is responsive and works to solve a problem not just simply fix an issue.

Shawn Farris

We have been working with Russell Technologies for several years. Their staff is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They are able to respond and resolve any issues that we may have on a timely basis. One year we upgraded our server, workstation and operating system – and even though we had to work until Midnight on Friday night to minimize downtime, the job got done and it was fun. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bryant E. Scaife

I have been using Russell Technologies for nearly 15 years for our business. The team at Russell Technologies can’t be beat! They are always competitive on their prices and their service is the best in town. Very helpful recommendations when trying to find that ‘perfect fit’ solution. They have constructed many specialized PC’s and Server for our office and they have always performed exactly as advertised. There is nothing better than having a great โ€œEnglish Speakingโ€ support technician to assist you when you have a frustrating issue at hand. Russell Technologies has the answers that I’ve needed, on time, every time.

Rory Foster

David created Sunshine and Rainbows on this ticket. Thanks!


Nick responded quickly and fixed the problem while I was on the phone. Excellent job and I appreciate it


Thank you for your prompt and speedy service !


The speed with which the technician contacted me was great, as we had no internet and couldn’t get any work done until we spoke.


Very helpful and didn’t make me feel stupid. ( I am not a computer guru). Quick response and very courtious.


David Martin,helped me out fast as told him I would be very busy today and I needed to use printer. Thanks for the speedy service.


The quick response time and follow-up call to confirm the issue had been resolved was very helpful! Thanks!


You guys were on top of the issue and I was definitely not. Great responsiveness on this one!


Rico fixed my problem quickly


Johnny is so easy to get along with and better than that he knows how to do things well…Like mark lines with destination. He also is very professional and answers all of my questions with accuracy and makes terrific suggestions to resolve issues as well.


Everyone was very helpful! Jeremy and Durand were very nice and quick to respond. Thanks again!


Jeff responds quickly and with great service and a cheerful attitude.


Johnny and David worked diligently to resolve the issues with my phone. I appreciate their efforts!


Very timely assistance with full problem resolution.


Very professional and quick


We appreciate the quick service. Thank you!


Awesome response time…the issue was resolved before I returned Monday morning!


Done very promptly and in the same day!!! Thanks!


Jeff set things up and made sure I had working connections to the SmartBoard I will need later this week.


Jeremy fixed it for me, even with me giving him the wrong drive to look in ๐Ÿ˜‰


All of your are so patient, knowledgeable and fast to get to our issues. Keep up the good work.


Excellent Work! We are VERY happy. Your agent was patient and informative. We look forward to working with you again.


Your people fiquired out a unique situation and got it done! Thanks


Quick, easy and painless. I was up and running soon after I made the request. Thank you!


The follow up time was very fast and the issue was resolved immediatly. Great Job!


Very fast response with little to no input from me required to fix the issue.


Johnny’s knowledge and hands on approach was excellent. Enjoyed working with him on this project.


Johnny did a great job addressing my issues and those of a few other employees!


Russell Technologies created a metric not just for LFMS, but for any and all of its other customers. I am sure this was somewhat costly and time consuming . Hats off to one and all for the effort. Many thanks to Adam Ponzar for assisting LFMS in our quality journey.


David assisted me immediately and resolved the payroll issue I was having. I’m always satisfied with David’s response time and expertise. He’s familiar with my programs and works diligently to make certain I’m comfortable with the solution to my problem. I’m not tech-savvy AT ALL, but he is patient and explains in a way EVEN I can understand. I think he’s a valuable member of your tech. support team. Linda


Response was very quick. Thank you!


Mitch was very helpful and solved my slow computer issues!! Thank you!


Mitch was very thorough and very helpful


Mitch handled both issues for me quickly. He provided great customer service.


Nick was quick to figure out a solution, the problem was solved and Nate’s life was back to normal within minutes! Thanks Nick!




Johnny is always so great to work with and he gets the job done.


Several techs worked on updating Windows on two different computers. Your “Action Taken” log-in system works wonderfully. I did not have to repeat myself each time and the tech was up to speed on the issue! Thanks to all!


Service is fast, everyone is always friendly and knowledgeable


Phone system went down on a Saturday and Jeff was able to get me back up and running again quickly. I appreciate the prompt attention on a weekend.


Nik was great, as usual. Thank you for your follow ups!


Rico fixed this very quickly. Turns out the connections were just loose. ๐Ÿ™‚ Computer is still running well so far!


The call back was immediate and the process was fast. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!


Your diligence in getting the right part was appreciated.


Nik has been awesome!


Jeremy was very professional and extremely patient with me trying to diagnose the cause of the issues. Thanks CSL and Jeremy!


My experience was great because Jeremy really took the time to handle my issue and made me feel like I was top priority. Thanks Jeremy!


You were patient with me as I figured out what you were telling me to do. Still have a few questions which I can follow up on when I get back to the office and see our representative the next time he is in.


Thank you for the quick response and resolution!


The problem was resolved efficiently and effectively. Thank you!


Nik is awesome!


I received a quick reply and the problem was fixed quickly.


David got me straightened out…I now have a better understanding of how the email system works and how to set up my phone for email moving forward.


Jeremy was very helpful and took the time to walk me through a complete procedure. Thanks for the help!


I was VERY appreciative of the quick response and the help! Thanks, Nik! ๐Ÿ™‚


Immediately after I entered the ticket I got a call to verify the issue. I then received another call back shortly after and worked through the issue in under 5 minutes.


Jeremy responded quickly and figure the problem out within five minutes! It was great ๐Ÿ™‚


The Techs were both very helpful and understanding. I know nothing about electronics and they made this process very easy step by step.


Rico worked his magic. Thanks for coming out!


Nik was awesome! Courteous, helpful, patient with me. Solved my problem.


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Response was quick and required no additional information from me to complete.


The entire process was quick and easy and everyone put a lot of effort to make sure we had what we needed and that it was set up correctly.


Johnny understood that I did not know a thing about “computer” problems – and that I could only type like the wind – he was very patient and did not make me feel “less skilled” in computer issues as I am! Thanks Johnny for your assistance and patience today!!!


Johnnie is wonderful. Love his smile and upbeat, positive attitude. He is super!


Very courteous and quickly resolved the issue.


Nik hung in there and got it done even though there was trouble with Go to Meeting being slow. Great job!


Johnny was great. The best representative that has ever come out to any of the places I have been at. He thoroughly fixed the problem the right way. We have had others out twice that could not figure out what he did! Thanks and I will be requesting Johnny from now on.


My monitor is no longer a flashing stop light! One solid screen with actual items on it instead of blank!


We love Johnny! He had the best personality and if so very helpful.


Very timely resolution to the issue.


The tech was pleasant to speak with constantly kept me up to speed and would not quite until late to problem was resolved.


Excellent communications. Made me aware that only only remaining junk email is thru pru and will be eliminated next week. Appreciate all the help.


Needed the ticket to be “rushed” and staff was very helpful.


I really appreciate the effort put in by your team, and the friendliness when working with even a difficult and frustrating issue, and with some confusion in communication ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. And for explaining a fix that we may be able to handle in the future. But, we will continue to call and rely on Russell Technologies if we need further assistance on this or any other matter. Merry Christmas!


Nik did a good job following up with me to make sure the problem was resolved and he also explained what caused the original issue which is greatly appreciated,


Johnny, was quick to return call and knew his “stuff” on getting my phone in sinc w/ new server. Don


Johnny is very nice and easy to work with!


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