Disaster Recovery

Russell technologies offers a robust yet simple solution to ensure your data's safety. The solution provides onsite backups, remote storage, and offsite virtual server capabilities in a complete disaster scenario, with 24x7 management of the entire process. This solution is completely automatic, with no manual elements to manage .

The Russell Technologies backup and recovery system:

  • Is a complete solution, designed to reduce any server downtime with the use of a specialized backup and replication engine.

  • Allows near-real-time backups – typically set at one hour – using block-level snapshots.

    • An automated verification process is run as each backup snapshot is written, while a full verification of the entire chain is run nightly.
    • Monthly, manual test restores are run by Russell Technologies.

  • Uses secure, 256-bit, encryption, both at rest, and during replication of backups.

  • Provides a speedy disaster recovery process in the event of server failure or data loss event with granular file or folder restores, as well as full system image restores.

  • Has long retention periods on backup chains.

    • Typical chains can last from three months to two years depending on the activity, applications, and behavior of the server, without needing to archive.
    • Archiving of chains is done at no additional cost beyond that of the storage device.

  • Encrypts data so that it is not accessible to anyone, either on the unit or at the remote storage facility, without the encryption passkey.